Lawyers for Noah's Ark theme park are suing its insurance company for rain damage

It is one of the world's classic stories.A gigantic ark gets built with the help of a higher power, a symbolic refuge from the depravity of humankind. It is a huge, grandiose structure constructed out [...]

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Mark Fowler: NZ for sale – the unintended consequence of a lower currency

COMMENT: For some time now central bankers have been opining that our New Zealand dollar has been 'unjustifiably' and 'unsustainably' elevated in price relative to our major trading partners. The constant rhetoric is that our... [...]

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Arkansas newspaper gambles on free iPads

Over a lunch of hamburger steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans, Walter Hussman delivered his pitch to the dozen or so attendees of the Hope, Arkansas, Rotary Club meeting. He promised that if they keep [...]

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Facebook defends decision to leave up fake Pelosi video

There is no dispute that the Facebook video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, viewed by millions is a fake, deliberately altered to make her appear drunk. YouTube acted fast and removed duplicates. Other social media [...]

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Shoppers turning their backs on Huawei following Google ban

Shoppers both here and abroad are turning their backs on Huawei's handsets in the wake of Google suspending its hardware and software business with the Chinese mobile giant.Huawei's handset popularity has plummeted by more than... [...]

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